Missing Cosmonauts & Papov’s Radio Day

Mysteries of Radio from Russia with Love. Do you know who invented radio? Thomas Edison? Nope, not even close. Marconi? maybe. Tesla? getting warmer. What about Alexander Popov?

There is a debate about it, but in Russia and Eastern Europe, Popov is considered the inventor of radio. Today marks the occasion of an important public demonstration of radio as a lightening detector.  Find out more in the podcast or look for the links below!

And what about the missing Russian Cosmonauts? Well this podcast treats you to  a radio drama all about the conspiracy of missing cosmonauts and the Italian brothers who may have discovered a dark secret. We know you’ll enjoy it!

Doctored Photo of Soviet Cosmonauts

Further Exploration:
Judica-Cordiglia brothers, Radio Day, Turin (Torino), Alexander Popov, Doctored Cosmonaut Photos

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