Hail Canada! : Ten Insanely Important Musicians from The Great White North


July 1 is Canada Day. Frankly most of us that live in the United States often shrug when asked about favorite or influential artists from Canada. It is often an afterthought if it registers at all.

BangWave noticed. While we are broadcasting from Minnesota, we have many listeners in Canada as well as friends and other ties. So we’ve compiled this list of the most insanely influential Canadian Bands and Musicians. This influence is felt in the USA and in the world.

For the Canadian, promoting these artists garners feelings of national pride. Canadians can be proud of this. The world loves Canada. We do too! Happy Canada Day!

Here is our list counting down from 10 to one. We’ve linked the name of each to their respective Wikipedia entry. Clicking will open them in a new tab/window.


NUMBER 10 : Rush




NUMBER 8 : The Tragically Hip

NUMBER 7 : Ritchie Hawtin 


NUMBER 6 : Joni Mitchell


NUMBER 5 : Bill Leeb & Front Line Assembly


NUMBER 4 : Arcade Fire


NUMBER 3 : Cevin Key & Skinny Pippy


NUMBER 2 : Leonard Cohen

NUMBER 1 : Neil Young




[ The photos come from google search. no copyright infringement is intended, let us know if you need something taken down ]
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