Mariah Lip Syncs Career Suicide on NYE

Mariah Carrie ruined her career on New Years Eve in front of the world. The video above was captured by someone at home watching TV live with a video camera pointed at it. This went out on LIVE TELEVISION FOLKS!

Let’s take a look at this fraud.

First Off, It is obviously not her voice on “Ald Lang Sein”. It is PAINFULLY obvious that she hired some other singer to record that track. Perhaps Mariah really did loose her voice?

Next, The backing track that to “Emotion” leave out the main vocal so that Mariah can sing live to a backing track. This is a standard practice. In the industry it’s called a “Track Show”. In theory this should be super easy for the sound technician to get right. It’s basically karaoke. But unlike a karaoke track, Mariah’s contained all of the super high notes she is famous for being able to hit. Even as she may have planned to sing the song, she was only going to lip sync the high notes that she may not be able to hit any longer.

Finally, she started to do a “sing-along” to “We Belong Together”. She may have sung a note or two live but this was basically a terrible performance.

This after she majorly flubbed a Christmas special and then New Years eve in 2014. At the time she was in the middle of her divorce with Nick Cannon, so we gave her a pass. It’s hard to sing when you have been yelling and crying for weeks. As the networks gave her a third chance this year, it’s hard to imagine they would give he another chance to destroy herself on TV any time soon. -AV

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