NOW PLAYING : #WackyWednesday

On Wacky Wednesday we add some insanity, absurdity and snark to the mix. Prepare for the likes of Weird Al, Eric Cartman,  and The Key of Awesome. Parodies and Novelty music are King and Queen, respectively. We’re putting silliness on blast for your hump-day. But don’t worry. We’re not totally nutzo. The Wacky Tracks only pop up once pet set of 4 songs. Each week is different so remember to tune in! And as always, If you have a suggestion for our Daft and Demented playlist, please let us know!

Listen with the TUNE-IN app. To get the best results on your mobile phone or tablet, listen with the tunein app. It’s free to download. Tunein works great on both Android and iPhone. Experience fewer interruptions and select from thousands of other great stations from all over the world. A lot of people swear by this App.

Listen WITHOUT an app! Some people hate apps. We get that. Our web player for mobiles works on nearly any browser. We recommend Chrome or Safari. We are currently improving this player and adding in cover art. Most of them are missing currently. You can also the shortcut any time. It’s bangwave.NET.

rokudevicesListen on your Roku ! If you have a Roku device, make sure to add the tunein channel. From within that Roku channel search for BangWave. Be sure to add us to your favorites list! For full details go to

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