Support BangWave Radio : DONATIONS



There are major costs to keep us online.
BangWave Radio is an all-volunteer, non profit organization. We could really use your help. We do not run commercials*. We have to pay for the Streaming Servers, Domains, Royalties and a host of other operating expenses. No one working on this station is receiving any compensation. Indeed we are contributing our own personal funds.

If you like what we are doing, why not chip in?
Pay Pal processes donations for us. You do NOT need to start an account with them in order to use the service to donate to BangWave. So make you gift today! We’ll love you forever! We sure would appreciate any support you feel that you can offer. You can think of it as an investment. Why? Because you like what you hear and you want us to keep it going.

Note: Donations are not tax deductible at this time, but we’re working on changing that!

*Except as a joke or in context of a story.


51tIhDTsASL._SX425_Amazon Wish List

We need stuff! If you are feeling generous but do not want to hand over cash, consider ordering something off our wishlist!


In-Kind Donations

We also accept donations of CDs, DVDs, BlueRay, Books, Games and Electronics, in-kind. If you have a donation like that, please tell us about it. Email DONATE@bangwave.NET



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