Help & Tech Support

Live Radio Stops or Gaps
This is usually caused by connectivity problems. Usually it resolves itself, but if you are listening from a place and time where internet connectivity is limited, the problem will persist. Sometimes adjusting your buffer to 15 seconds or more will help. We do recommend our Mobile listeners use the TUNE-IN app.

Mobile Device “Sleep” Setting
Most mobile devices have a sleep setting. If you are not touching your phone your sleep function may activate and stop the music. You can adjust your sleep function for longer times.

If you are in a CAR
You are likely to experience gaps in the streaming programs. Your internet connectivity is always changing while you are in motion. Your device will attempt to reconnect automatically but the results can vary. Try turning OFF WIFI while you are driving. It will stop your device from trying to connect with them, and they are everywhere.  If this become a serious issue for you consider subscribing to BANGWAVE as a podcast.


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