NOW PLAYING : Standard Rotation


Standard Rotation is in effect all day on Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

It’s anything but standard. We offer an eclectic, progressive, carefully curated mix that includes cutting-edge current hits plus all-time classics in the basic Alternative, Rock & Dance Pop.

Add in some Punk, Indie Rock, Goth, Industrial, House, Soul, New Wave, Ska & a dash of Hip-Hop. Listen for Live Versions, Demos, Alternates, Parodies & STILL THERE IS MORE!

We have the BALLS to play both ROCK and Dance pop on the same channel. Because we like both and we know a lot of music fans feel the same. BangWave is inter-generational. We strive to entertain and educate music fans from ages 20 to 60. We are global as well. Our server stats report listeners from all over the world! By the way this is the program we play most often. Whenever there is no specialty show airing, we’re spinning up standard rotation.