Weekly Schedule : On-Air 24hrs

#NewMusicMonday : #NMM


Chances are, you heard it first on BangWave Radio, that is, if you are listening! Tune in Mondays (all day) to get exposed to a number of the latest and soon-to-be hit songs. All day Monday from Midnight to Midnight. All Monday its the CUTTING EDGE,

We don’t wait for the media conglomerates to tell us what’s hot. We decide for ourselves and we make sure our audience is hip to all the best new tracks each week. This is the cutting edge. Recently collected statistics suggest that people like the hear new music on Mondays. It’s become a thing. We are synchronized and optimized.

Standard Rotation

We play Standard rotation on Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturday’s and Sundays

redBangWave Radio’s STANDARD ROTATION is anything but standard. A carefully curated mix of cutting-edge current hits plus all-time classics. Alternative, Dance, Rock & Pop.

Add in some Punk, Goth, Industrial, House, Soul, New Wave, Ska & a dash of Hip-Hop. Live Versions, Demos, Alternates, Parodies & MORE!We have the BALLS to play both ROCK and Dance pop on the same channel. Because we like both and we know a lot of music fans feel the same.

BangWave is inter-generational. We strive to entertain and educate music fans from ages 20 to 60. We are global as well. Our server stats report listeners from all over the world! By the way this is the program we play most often. Whenever there is no specialty show airing, we’re spinning up standard rotation.

#WackyWednesday : #LOL

On Wacky Wednesday we add some insanity, absurdity and snark to the mix. Prepare for the likes of Weird Al, Eric Cartman, and The Key of Awesome. Parodies and Novelty music are King and Queen, respectively. We’re putting silliness on blast for your hump-day.

But don’t worry. We’re not totally nutzo. The Wacky Tracks only pop up once pet set of 4 songs. Each week is different so remember to tune in! And as always, If you have a suggestion for our Daft and Demented playlist, please let us know!

#ThrowbackThursday : #TBT

Today and EVERY Thursday, it’s #TBT, or #ThrowbackThursday on BangWave Radio. Tune in to the live stream to hear the best classic Alternative music (etc). We span the decades from 1970 to 2010. Turn up the speakers and jam out, especially if you are a Gen-Xer!


Independent. Intelligent. Wide Variety. No Commercials. Alternative, Rock, Dance-Pop, Punk, Goth, Industrial, New Wave, Indy Rock, Electro, Ska, Funk, HipHop & Glam Rock. Classics, Current Hits, Album Cuts, Parodies & More!

We stream live from our headquarters in Minnesota, USA. Central Standard Time during the winter months and Central Daylight Time during the summer months. If you need a conversion to your local time, try this nifty time zone converter tool.